Welcome, My name is Kimberly (Kim)

This is my place to post random stuff about Amateur Radio. I sat and passed the exam for my Amateur Radio Operators Certificate in July 2017. However, I have had CB and PRS for a number of years, primarily for communication between family members and friends.

Retweets or cross posts from other people on social media, or here are not endorsements. It simply means I thought the content of the tweet, or post was in some way entertaining, useful, total bullshit or just plain dumb!

All views expressed on any social media account, in any blog post or in any comment on any website are purely my own, Any current or future employer can find their own!

If you’re looking for someone to work in your Automation department let me know, I’m keen to get into programming for Automation. prefer micro, but PLC is close enough if need be 🙂

Recently got back into Gaming, use to play Doom, Quake, Lemmings (lol) back in the day. Now on an Xbox One S console playing Gears of War 4 and Battlefield 1. Noob streamer that I would like to do full time.

Kim – ZL2KEJ