As you can probably guess, my name is Kimberly. Currently living in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

I’m an electronics enthusiast, blogger, application developer, business owner and Mountain bike rider. When I’m not doing any of those, I’m a part-time nut case and lover of all things fun.

I’m a qualified massage therapist, I have a level 5 certificate in Therapeutic Massage from UCOL in Palmerston North, however I prefer the geekier side of life.

As of 2014 I’m an Electrical Engineering Student for 2 years, I’m looking forward to the challenge this will bring and the outcome at the end. Now an Electronics Service Technician. Basically I fix borked electronic devices and have developed a knack for working with 0603 surface mount components.

I’m a Linux fangirl at heart but run Windows on my laptop due to compatibility issues with work/family. All my servers run Ubuntu Linux.

However, I also love my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and OneNote combination. (That was until it fried and tried to electrocute me)

I love prototyping stuff with Arduino, ChipKIT™ from Microchip and Raspberry Pi. I’m working on some home automation based on the Microchip Technology PIC32 with Raspberry Pi integration.

When I’m not working with Electronics, I’m usually found working on Joomla or WordPress site administration and plugin development

Recently got into Mountain Biking (Currently Saving for a really nice bike). Got a Giant Stance 27.5 2 and love it.

Can be found on PRS (UHF CB Radio). Usually on the Kimbolton CH1 repeater or the Wanganui CH3 repeater, Otherwise if your real desperate I live on CH13 CTCSS 103.5. CB callsign is PM5349. Although I am doing study towards HAM (Amateur) radio licensing so will eventually be found on that too. Do the exam on Tuesday 27th June 2017 🙂 Glad to say I passed, I am now ZL2KEJ on the ham bands. 2m/70cm mainly at the moment but working on setting up HF.

This is my place to rant, rave and generally bitch about shit in my life. If you are easily offended, I suggest you stop reading and visit another website. If you can overlook the bitchy stuff, there will also be a fair amount of geeky goodness in the form of electronics with Arduino, ChipKIT, PIC, AVR and you get the idea.

Retweets or cross posts from other people on social media, or here are not endorsements. It simply means I thought the content of the tweet, or post was in some way entertaining, useful, total bullshit or just plain dumb!

All views expressed on any social media account, in any blog post or in any comment on any website are purely my own, Any current or future employer can find their own!

If you’re looking for someone to work in your Automation department let me know, I’m keen to get into programming for Automation. prefer micro, but PLC is close enough if need be 🙂

Recently got back into Gaming, use to play Doom, Quake, Lemmings (lol) back in the day. Now on an Xbox One S console playing Gears of War 4 and Battlefield 1. Noob streamer that I would like to do full time.

Kimberly. (ZL2KEJ)