Home brew 20m Inverted V

Running FT8 on 20m

Finally got to test out my home brew inverted vee for 20m today. I had managed a couple of contact on FT8 on Friday, but I thought I’d give it another shot today.

So I made a few more FT8 contacts throughout the day which was pretty cool. Running at around 70w I managed to gain a few long distance with ft8, from between 2521km in Australia to 14015km to the United States. Which personally I think that’s pretty good given that the apex is only 6.5m (21ft) high.

After playing around with FT8 I’d thought I’d give phone a try so started scanning around 20m. Heard a few stations quite low down amongst the noise, couldn’t make out call signs, heard some stations in QSO a JA, a few VK and ZL stations were around 57-58 then I head a faint A41 calling CQ on 14.200MHz. After a couple of attempts to make out the call his signal got a little stronger, signal came up to 56 and the CQ caller was A41NN.

Figured, here’s my shot, so I replied to the CQ, Took a few goes, pushed the power up to 100w and finally got through clear enough that he could hear me, my received RST was 54. Not to shabby given my Vee is not overly high up. I’m hoping that once my mast goes from 21ft to 42ft high I’ll have enough clearance over surrounding buildings and trees in the area to get my signal out a lot clearer.

Given that the QSO was early afternoon and the noise level on the band was quite high, I’m going to continue experimenting with my Vee and see what else I can get out of it over the next week or so, might even have to do a few late nights with it. 🙂



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