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A few months back I built a 9:1 balun for use with my Yaesu FT-897D. I did some testing on it a week or so ago initially and the receive was pretty good.

Today, I re-assembled my temporary antenna setup, the idea is this will give me a long wire temporary antenna for field trips etc. It receives 3.570MHz from around town quite well, At about 30feet at the highest point down to about 8feet at the lowest point where the balun is and the receive was much better, I could hear stations that were low down last time quite clearly today. Still a few really low down so distance wise I am not receiving from very far with this setup.

I’m not keen enough to transmit on 3.570 as the wire is only around 15m long. I think it should work on 40m-10m if I can get a good high point. Receive from the back yard with buildings in the way does seem to work quite well. At least from around the local area.

I now need to sort a nice long 30ft pole so I can put a permanent 80/40m inverted V so I can actually join in on the Branch 20 Nets on 80m on Sunday mornings.

Balun Build
Antenna Setup










So, Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to actually get on some of the lower bands, I do have a 10m Vertical but due to current wind conditions that is not at full height so I can only receive on that one too for now as I can’t get very far with it so low down.


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