NZ AREC Codeplug for GD-77

GD-77 Channel Editing

I recently purchased a Radioddity GD-77 dual band DMR radio. I have to say, I’m impressed.

A new (beta) firmware and CPS was released earlier today, CPS 2.0.5 and Firmware v3.0.6 improve a number of things but the big one is the increased contact numbers. Unfortunately, this also requires a new codeplug to be built from scratch.

So, I did it. I built a generic AREC DMR codeplug which includes NZ AREC DMR repeaters, a complete list of ZL DMR contacts (datadump as of 15.12.2017) and the NZ 70cm National System.

Note: You will need to use CPS 2.0.5 and be running FW 3.0.6 on your GD-77

Download the file HERE

Don’t forget to edit your Radio ID and Call Sign before programming. 🙂

This does not yet include any Brandmeister information, however I will add it and release a new one at a later date.

This is provided as is!



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