Finally got to test my vertical antenna on 10m

Vertical Antenna @ 6.5m (21ft) high

So, I’ve had my antenna up at about 10ft high and it received quite well but was no where near high enough for any real distance for transmission. Recently, I purchased some 6.5m (21ft) poles, 2 of which I intend on joining to make a 13m (42ft) mast.

I put my 10m Vertical Antenna on another one and put it up. Receiving a lot more on 27.355MHz from Australia and around NZ though the mess that is CB I prefer not to use those bands.

Well, today was my chance to actually test it out with a VK station. VK5PAS – Paul was calling CQ on 28.520MHz so I thought, what the heck, might as well give him a call back and wow, it actually bloody got through.

Though he did have a little difficulty receiving me to begin with, my signal did get a little stronger. At 3258 km away, I think I can consider that a success.

Next step is to boost the height a bit more. I think if I can get it closer to 10m (32ft) high, I think I should have a better transmission from it.

My other idea is to try and source a Tri-Band Beam for 10/15/20m, so if you know of one laying around needing a good home around the Manawatu 😀

Looking forward to getting more height and further distances out of it. 🙂

So thanks to Paul – VK5PAS for the QSO.



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