80m/40m Inverted V Coils

Well, I’m in the process of constructing a 80m/40m coil loaded inverted V antenna

Started winding 78 turns of magnet wire onto my pvc forms, turns out there is only 32 turns left on the roll of magnet wire on the spool. DOH!

After a bit of fluffing around, I need about 15 meters of magnet wire per coil. I don’t even think Jaycar sell this in anything other than 100g rolls, and I don’t know how long a 100g roll is. I used a bit off the current roll I have for my Balun but didn’t think I used anywhere near the amount required to get the rest of the turns.

This now leaves me trying to source a decent amount of 18AWG magnet wire from somewhere that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. If anyone has any ideas or if you have some I can buy, please let me know.

Coil makings








For now, I guess I put it back on the shelf for another day. I was hoping to get it sorted, but until I can source enough copper wire for the coils, I can’t finish the 80m section of the inverted V.

I guess I could put up the 40m inverted V in the meantime and just add the coils and 80m section once I get the coils wound.

*starts trawling the net for 18AWG magnet wire*

73 de ZL2KEJ

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