18AWG Enameled Copper Wire

So, Turns out buying enameled copper magnet wire in NZ proved to be harder than expected.

I have purchased small 100g rolls in the past from Jaycar, however this time I need a lot more of it, about 30m all up for 2 coils. After a chat with our friendly Jaycar staff who suggested I try a couple of electrical supply places I figure, yeah they might just be able to help.

Turns out, I got a blank expression staring at me when I asked for 18AWG Enameled Copper Wire, hang on. You’re an electrical supply outfit and you don’t know what the hell Enameled copper wire is? After explaining in more laymen terms “Magnet wire” still a blank expression. Eventually one staff member mentioned “Omron” but no idea if they even stocked anything like that. ahhh, yeah ok. Thanks for nothing.

So, turns out Ideal Electrical are not as Ideal as they want you to believe. Bet your arse they were on google when I left.  😀

Anyway, I have now purchased 60m of the stuff from Ebay, not Ideal but it also only cost me NZD$32. Should have just done that to begin with.

I guess I wait 5-6 weeks and then I can wind my 78 turn coils for my 80/40m Inverted V. On the upside, I did get a 100m roll of wire for the rest of the antenna, so I could through up the 40m inverted V in the mean time at least.

73, ZL2KEJ

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